We come to you

Forget the stress of travelling your sick, injured, young or difficult horses – Vet in the Valley take this stress out of the equation by examining and treating your horses in the comfort of their own environment.



We often forget about our horses’ teeth! Dental disease can be painful and often can go undiagnosed. Poor dental health can reduce your horse’s performance and proper dental maintenance is essential to allow your horse to perform to the best of its ability. A thorough dental examination requires the use of a full mouth gag, a light source, a mirror and sedation. Sedation allows full examination, and provides a safer environment for both vet and horse. Dental procedure are performed with both hand tools and motorised tools.  

Dental health care can:

  • Prevent premature tooth loss
  • Improve feed utalisation
  • Reduce colic
  • Alleviate mouth and jaw pain
  • xtend the life expectancy of your horse.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of internal structures with the use of a hand held probe. Reflections of internal structures create a digital image of the structure in question. Bone appears white, fluid appears black and other structures show up in grey scale.

Vet in the Valley utalise ultrasound for:

  • Reproduction
  • Musculoskeletal system e.g. tendon scans 
  • Respiratory system
  • Gastrointestinal system

Lameness Investigations

Lameness if one of the most common conditions we see in horses. It is a major cause of poor performance and may not always be obvious. Initial lameness examination involves observing the horse at rest, palpating and manipulating each limb and joint. The horse is then examined at a walk and trot on a straight line, preferably on a hard surface. Flexion tests are then performed to exacerbate more subtle lameness and help to isolate a lameness to a specific area or joint. 

Nerve blocks are utilised to help further isolate a lameness. If the source of lameness is made numb then the lameness is abolished. From nerve blocks, further diagnostic imaging may be recommended. At this stage, your horse may be referred for radiographs (x-rays) or ultrasound. 

Foaling and neonatal care

A post foaling check involves assessment of the mare for any trauma obtained during foaling, assessment of the placenta to ensure all placenta has been removed, and udder health. The foals blood IgG levels are tested to determine whether colostrum of sufficient quality has been ingested. Foals with low IgG levels at 12-24 hours of age are at greater risk of infection and commercially plasma rich transfusion may be needed to boost the foal. 


Vet in the Valley has access to a full range of equine pathology. This includes blood tests, biopsies, cytology and bacterial cultures. We complete in house faecal egg counts at our farm facility. We collect relevant samples and our turnaround times are generally quite rapid. 


Vet in the Valley offer reproductive services including follicle testing, reproductive swabs and pregnancy testing. We can investigate problem breeders, and we offer artificial insemination (chilled or fresh only). 

Chilled AI offers you access to a broad range of stallions across Australia (and New Zealand), allowing you mare to remain in her safe, same environment, avoiding the need for travel. Conception rates are similar to that of live or natural cover. 

Small animal services

Our small animal services include: 

  • Vaccinations 
  • Microchipping 
  • Routine consultations
  • Geriatric Mobility Consultations 
  • Competitive pricing for litter checks and vaccinations 

Vet in the Valley is fully mobile, meaning we come to you to perform these procedures which, for some animals, eliminates a stressful visit to the vet clinic. If any surgery or hospitalisation is required, we will refer you to your preferred Veterinary Hospital. 

Unfortunately, as we are unable to hospitalise animals, we do not provide a small animal emergency or afterhours service. Please contact AHVEC located in North Hobart on 1300 302 912 if you have a small animal emergency. 

Farm Animal services

Our farm animal services include: 

  • Pregnancy testing (manual and ultrasound)
  • Marking
  • General ill thrift consultation and investigations
  • Disease management
  • Cattle lameness and bull management
  • Orphan lamb and calf assistance